2015 Reunion

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Who was there and what we did!


Who came to Gettysburg

Rapson, James & Geri
Beyer, Gil & Sherry Casamento
Kovite, Jeffery & Dianne
Siciliano, Sandra & Ralph
Hanner, Jim & Jan
Whitaker, Albert & DiBisceglie, Judy
Frazer, John & Janet
Stancil, Frank & Judy
Dowling, Lee & Jo
Montgomery, Carl & Dolores
Baniak, Edward
Caulk, Eldon & Frances
Gage, James
Gary G. Clemson & Rick Clemson
Huber, Richard & Barbara
Carbaugh, Francis & Shirley
Pettingill, Dick & Chris
East, Leland H. & Michelle
Degnan, John & Providence  (Provi)
Sutchko, Gregory & Janice
Gilbert, Steve
Taylor, William H.
Altero, Lawrence & Lynn
Crone, Paul D. & Dixon, Barbara
Kraynak, Stephen & Stempien, Melody
Gates Jr., William R. & Mary Jane
Shirker, Newpher (Son-inLaw)
Shirker, Carol (Daughter)
Warren, Kenneth C. & Mary J.
Oldham, Terry R. & Nancy Day Storch
Annunziata, Frank & Goodman, Jill
Bothun, Bary
Logan, RADM, A. Scott
Taylor, David S. & Abby
Petro, Michael
Pray, Edward & Shirley
O'Donnell, William (Skip)
Cucinella, Dennis  (Cooch)
Miller, Carl B.
Fisher, Audrey (Widow of Raymond)
Kovite, Gavin & Molly
Brotschul, Peter
Lorzing, Charles & Louanne
Milligan, Donald & Joan
Hodulik, George
Hodulik, Gerard (Son)
Hodulik, Mike (Son)
Hodulik, Dave (Son)
Dozie, Pam (Daughter)

Wagner, Merle & Jennifer
Schaffer, William
Smoot, David & Jeanne
Seely, Todd & April (Schmeiske) Seely

Dad - Louis Schmeiske 
Hall, Victoria  (widow of Dennis)


James Rapson, Reunion Host

The 15th Bi-Annual Reunion in Gettysburg, PA is now in the history books. From all reports from the attendees, a great time was had by all with old friends being met again,
new friends made and the stories maybe just a bit more embellished than at the previous Reunions. Geri and I would like to send a special thank you to all that lent a
helping hand at the Reunion and especially Shirley and Frank Carbaugh, Jan and Jim Hanner and Ed Baniak. When they say that many hands make light work, the response from these folks was overwhelming. There was never a time as your Reunion Host that Geri or I had to do more than suggest that something needed to be done and it was taken care of immediately. A “Bravo Zulu” to you for all of your assistance. I would also like to welcome aboard Pete Brotschul as our new 2nd Vice-President for the Association. Pete has jumped in the waters full force with the life ring of his fellow Officers who will assist him on the learning curve of what it means to lead such a fine organization as the Shipmates of the USS Fiske. I know that every Officer who has served the Association can say that he or she is proud to serve again. We do this not for ourselves, but rather for ALL of our Shipmates who served
aboard from 1945 to 1980. We were honored to have two Plank Owners, Bill Gates and George Hodulik, with us as we honored them with a certificate of appreciation, and I
know that they enjoyed themselves along with their families. Everyone had a great time exploring Gettysburg and partaking of the guided tour on Friday of the Battlefields. The history of the events that took place here
have a greater meaning when you see them personally. Now we rest for a short period while shipmate Dick Pettingill does the necessary research for the selected location of the next Reunion – voted to be held (somewhere near Annapolis) in the Chesapeake area
in September 2017. I have never been there so I am
looking forward to exploring a new city, especially one with such a long standing Navy history. For now, may you
have fair winds and following seas in all of your travels.
Reunion Recap, continued from page 1 - James

What we did

Jeff Kovite, Association Secretary

Shipmates, What a great time we had at Gettysburg! Never thought I’d be standing on the Little Round Top or the field where General Pickett made his charge. Can’t wait for 2017 in the Annapolis/ Chesapeake Bay area, as our new reunion host, Dick Pettingill and his wife, Chris, have graciously offered to research and assist with the planning of this bi-annual event. At the business meeting on Saturday, the membership reprised the elected Officers as follows: Elected for third terms - Gilbert E. Beyer, President; James R. Rapson, Treasurer, and myself, Jeffrey F. Kovite, as Secretary. Sandra E. Siciliano was elected to 1st Vice President, and we welcomed Peter X (?). Brotschul as our new 2nd Vice President. All Appointments agreed to continue their service to the Association: John B. Degnan, Masterat- Arms; W. Frank Stancil, Chaplain, Steve Gilbert, Webmaster, and Sandra Siciliano, Newsletter Editor and Ship Storekeeper. The Association voted to send $250 to the Tin Can Sailors organization; and the book exchange in the Hospitality Room was happily received by members who were able to swap books, or just take a book of interest home. In a poignant ceremony, I read the list of those who had passed since the last reunion in Charleston, 2013. Master-At-Arms, John Degnan, struck the ship's bell after each name, and the Membership received a printed folder entitled "Sailing the Eternal Seas" that listed the names of all those we have on record who passed before us. We also recognized two of our plank holders, Bill Gates, and George Hodulik who were presented with Certificates of Appreciation from the Membership. Both Bill and George were accompanied by very proud family members. At the business meeting, I was pleased to report that earlier this year I sent a letter to the Stamp Advisory Committee of the US Post Office asking it to issue a stamp with the image of the USS Fiske on it. The request has apparently passed the first review and we are now waiting for a second review, and then approval by the Postmaster General. This may take some time, but I will let you all know when it is official and you can go to your local post office and buy your Fiske forever stamp. For now, I wish you fair winds and calm seas - Jeff

Here are a few 2015 reunion pictures.

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