Want to learn about "Tin Cans"?

We are proud members of an elite group of veterans.  All of us have served on those fighting ships called "tin cans".  They're called "tin cans" because of their thin skinned hulls.  Built very quickly during World War II (and earlier), these ship were designed to be fast and deadly to the enemy.  Equipped with many guns and torpedoes, the destroyer was to "go in harms way".  They were expendable.  Many were sunk or damaged with much loss of life.  Our pride is in one of those "cans" called the USS Fiske.  It began its life as a destroyer (DD), later became a radar picket destroyer (DDR), and then returned to the DD classification.  She ended her career with the Turkish navy in the 90's.  To learn more about our ship, click the Ship's History button you see off to port.

A closer look at a "Tin Can"...

The Fiske, DD842, and J. P. Kennedy, DD850 were built from almost the same plans.  While our sister-ship survived, the Fiske did not.  The Kennedy is currently at Battleship Cove, MA serving as a museum ship.  A crew of volunteers are rebuiling her to the original configuration she, and the Fiske, had while serving together.  We've gathered pictures from the Kennedy that just as easily could have been taken of the Fiske. 

USS JPKennedy DD850Click the picture to visit the Fiske/Kennedy Pictures page. The Kennedy has a very extensive web site and there are many picturers available of the JPK from the laying of its keel to present day.  Here is the link that will take you to this site: http://ussjpkennedyjr.org

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Fiske Tales

 The Ship's Historian, Gil Beyer is almost done with collecting stories from shipmates. Before Gil can publish the story of us, as we looked while aboard, he needs a picture of you.  If you can, e-mail your picture to  vintage40@frontier.com.  He has collected pictures of many of us.  However, on the Newsletters/E-mails page is a listing of shipmates for which Gil still needs pictures.  Click this link to see the listing: EMAIL

The Tin Can Navy

To lean more about destroyers, click the link that follows to visit our sister organization, Tin Can Sailors.  To see what's going on in today's navy, click the link that follows: NAVY.COM.

I am an American sailor

Gunner's Mate 2nd Class Earnest Borgnine served during WW 2 on a "Tin Can" and is a member of Tin Can Sailors. He has appeared in a short video telling the world what it means to be a United States Navy Sailor. Click HERE to see the video. Close the video window when done.

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Lost At Sea

We have lost contact with a number of shipmates.lost at sea Please click the life-preserver to open a listing of members we'd like to contact.

The list is in state order to make it easier to study. Have info on one or more of these guys?? Send an e-mail to jrrapson@cox.net to help us out.