The Association

The USS Fiske DD/DDR 842 Association, Inc. is a non-profit association incorporated under the laws of the State of New Jersey.


Membership is open to all who served aboard the USS Fiske, either Officer or Enlisted, from the time of her commissioning in 1945 until she was de-commissioned. Annual dues are $10.

Association Officers and Appointments - 2017 -  2019

President – Gil Beyer

1st Vice-President - Sandra (Sandie) Siciliano

2nd Vice-President - Pete Brotschul

Secretary – Jeff Kovite

Treasurer – James Rapson

Chaplin – Frank W. Stancil

Master-at-Arms – John B. Degnan, Jr.

Historian – Gil Beyer

Web Site – Steve Gilbert

Ship’s Store - Pete Brotschul

Newsletter –  Sandra (Sandie) E. Siciliano